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MOTOROLA XIR P3688 Handheld Radio Simple and affordable, the XiR P3688 portable two-way analog/digital radio connects your workforce efficiently—and has the flexibility to grow with your business. By combining the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest analog and digital technology, the XiR P3688 is perfect for the everyday user who wants to stay connected. Fully compatible with the MOTOTRBO family of radios, the XiR P3688 has superior audio quality, outstanding coverage, long-lasting battery life and more. Whatever your needs, the XiR P3688 provides a simple, reliable, cost-effective communication solution to help work crews connect, coordinate and collaborate to get the job done right. Improve the efficiency of your operation with easy-to-use voice communication that’s right for you.
Motorola Battery for GP328, GP338, GP339 with 1 year warranty Voltage 7.4V Capacity 1500 mAh Beltclip No 1 year warranty GP328 Battery GP338 Battery
RapidFire delivers an extremely high 700 Mbps throughput via its unique and powerful RF design that supports up to 256QAM modulation and 31 dBi output power. Our proprietary W-Jet V protocol, specifically engineered for high performing PTP scenarios, minimizes interferences even across long distances and stabilizes latency within 2-4 ms. Outdoor Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge LigoPTP 5-N/ 5-23 RapidFire
LigoDLB Propeller 2/ 5 The Propeller devices from LigoWave have a unique antenna characteristic changing mechanism for simple vertical or horizontal orientation based on the use case of the device. It is recommended to assemble the propeller in a horizontal position for a client mode. This way the antenna beam-width in the vertical polarization will be narrow (15° on a 5 GHz model and 35° on a 2 GHz model) and on the horizontal polarization (60° on a 5 GHz model and 70° on a 2 GHz model). This ensures easy antenna alignment when installing the device without a need to tilt it upwards or downwards. Also, based on the test results in Table 1, the signal of the base station is received better and noise coming from the surrounding devices is lower. When a Propeller is assembled in a vertical position the antenna characteristics switch and vertical polarization beam-width is wider while horizontal polarization beam-width is narrower. This antenna orientation is better for the access point mode, where wider area coverage is necessary. Propellers can be used as WI-FI hotspot APs in outdoor networks when the device is assembled vertically and the Infinity series software version is loaded. When a Propeller is assembled vertically the antenna characteristics are 60° on a 5 GHz model and 70° on a 2 GHz model for the vertical polarization and 15° on a 5 GHz model and 35° on a 2 GHz model for the horizontal polarization. This assembly is recommended for a base-station or an access point scenario. Low Cost CPE ISP CPE Low Cost CPE /AP radio
PTP 450 Backhaul PTP 450 is Cambium Networks’ first point-to-point backhaul solution offered in 3.65 GHz lightly licensed and 3.5 GHz licensed bands, in addition to 5 GHz. PTP 450 is optimized for reach, reliability and throughput in PTP Radio Canopy Motorola Canopy Motorola Canopy with reflector